Tennis Coach, Former WTA Player

A player since age 9, Lamia has achieved great success in professional events around the world. A standout player since appearing in her first National Championship final in U14, her drive for success helped her achieve a top ranking of 460 (singles) and 380 (doubles) in the WTA.

Lamia is rather accomplished as a coach as well. For more than two decades, she’s been attending certifications and conferences to ensure that she delivers a top level of service to her players. She holds licensures from ITF, the Moroccan Tennis Federation and North African Tennis Congress.


Lamia really enjoys reading, travelling and playing sport in her free time.


Nationality: Moroccan
Languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Locations: Al Ain Ladies Club, Mubadala Tennis in Schools, Ministry of Education
Ask About: Her cat's gourmet diet