September 10, 2019


Sigi Meeuws, the Director of ZSC Academy, had the honour of being interviewed for a story in Abu Dhabi World, one of the most widely read publications in the capital. In case you missed it in print, here are his top tips to set yourself up for a great season of sports. You can learn more about the programme he operates at by contacting academy@zsc.ae or 02 403 4228.


Asking questions about the people involved in practice can give you confidence to choose a great academy.


What is the ratio of staff to players?

In general, lower ratios are necessary for individual sports like tennis, cycling or ice skating when compared to team sports like rugby or football. Young kids and beginners usually dictate a smaller ratio than older players. Also ask about group size, which also impacts the social and instructional nature of a lesson.


Who are your coaches?

It’s likely that all coaches will have playing experience, but question their certifications too, including coaching licenses, first aid training, and skills updates. Credentials may vary by role, so pay particular attention to the people leading the lesson.

Consider if you can switch coaches with confidence and ease if the need arises.


Who else is involved in practice?

Coaching assistants or parent volunteers can play an important role in supporting practices. It’s useful to know how they are trained or screened addition to how they are involved in the lessons.


To read part 1, which includes key questions about the programmes offered, click here.



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